History| Beckwith Pointe


Beckwith Pointe Beach Club is a catering facility and beach club located on the Long Island Sound. The club can accomodate about 500 families on its twelve acres of land and one mile of beach.

Formerly known as Beach & Tennis club, Beckwith Pointe was purchased by Sal A. Cassara in 1986. He renamed it Beckwith Pointe, after the original owner Charles Beckwith, and made extensive renovations and additions. He then hired his chef, Patrick Hickey, who created Beckwith Pointe’s reputation for excellent food and service.

Despite his long hours and demanding schedule, Sal loved being involved with all of his members, customers and employees who came to know him as a very kind and generous man. He founded and very successfully operated Beckwith Pointe for almost twenty years, and he is greatly missed.

Beckwith Pointe continues to be run by Sal’s family today and they continue the warm, family-oriented atmosphere that Sal uniquely created.

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